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Tweet Analyzer Chrome Extension

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Use the Tweet Analyzer Chrome extension to stay on top of Twitter trends! Enter a keyword or a username and it will return the overall sentiment and toxicity percentages, as well as the main emotions in the related tweets. All in a couple seconds! Add to Chrome here!

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Get Started

In order to use the extension you need a Twitter Developer and a SliceX API keys. You can get started for free!

To get a Twitter Developer key, you can follow this great tutorial. Once registered, visit the Twitter developer portal, go to Keys and Tokens and generate a Bearer Token. You will need to enter that Bearer Token in the extension.

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Then just enter your SliceX AI and Twitter keys directly in the Chrome extension. They will be safely encrypted!

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You can get started with the free tier, it gives access to 10k inference calls per month. Each time you make a search in the Tweet Analyzer Chrome Extension, it uses 1 inference call per tweet and per API. As the extension calls the Sentiment Analysis, Toxicity Detection and Emotion Classification APIs, analyzing 1 tweet uses 3 API requests. Therefore, for 100 tweets, it makes 300 API requests.


Please note that the usage of the bot is in accordance with SliceX AI Terms of Service, SliceX AI Privacy Policy and Twitter Policy and Terms.